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Nema Basim has been a reliable solution partner that always gains its customers with its 20-year graphic and printing experience integrated with current technologies and developments. To produce within legal framework, in accordance with relevant national and international standards; To meet customer demands and needs above expectations within the frame of customer satisfaction principle; To perform team work with cooperation and work efficiently without compromising our principles of honesty, respect, innovation, courageous acting, quality, accuracy, timely and professional service; To continuously improve the overall performance of Nema Basim; To raise the exchange of information to the top by establishing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers; To increase efficiency and effectiveness of the system through process approach; To leave a clean and livable environment for future generations; As a result of all these principles, our objective is to bring our company to a leading position with its quality, competitiveness and profitability by continuously improving our prestige and reputation for our employees to be proud of working in our company.
Rota Print & label was founded in 2004 as Carton Label manufacturer. Well-designed promotional & regular labels help distinguish your brand from the competition. Whether you want uniquely printed scratch-off labels, brightly collared peel-and-reveal labels or anything else your team can dream of we can help. Our vast portfolio of label solutions allows you total flexibility in cost and design.
Sancak Karton promises to meet customers' expectations beyond their cardboard packaging needs. It is our duty to shape paper, to characterize it and to witness the birth of a brand and to sustain all of these in an organizational structure that has completed its digital transformation. Established with the partnership of two-generation packaging experience and vision, Sancak Karton creates value in which the design, production and service work in harmony. We have been working to share this value with all of our business partners to create an added value for decades. We focus on luxury and general packaging in the center of Eurasia, we carry the products in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa to the shelves using the geographical advantages of Istanbul and in doing so, measure the quality standards on global values. We create the vision of ‘think out of the box’ by bringing multi-variant designs together with all cardboard types through our high-quality production processes while simplifying the ordering processes at the same time.
Trust, quality, professionalism, experience These words you have heard thousands of times are just as natural as the work we have done for us, we are the master guides who have combined the excitement we have felt since the first press we made in 1955 with 64 years of experience. 64 years have taught us that our job is not to deal with only paint and paper at the beginning of printing machines. Therefore, we are the business partner of our customers who follow the continuous and fast developing sector, know the value of business development and innovation. For us, being useful to our customers is as important as producing. Dorter Matbaacilik San. ve Tic. A.S is a leading manufacturer of offsett packaging in Turkey. We produce folding box, insert, paper bag, hangtag, label,corrugated box and other carton packaging and printed materials like catalog, brochure, flyer etc. Our production capabilities meet your needs providing most up-to-date technologies in-house on-time. Hot foil stamp, window patching,UV coating, embossing, spot UV are some of the features we can add to your packaging. Dorter Printing and Packaging complies the international standard of ISO 9001. Due to our environmental responsibilities and caring the nature we also have FSC certification to contribute to sustainable forestry. Per our social responsibilities we are registered in Sedex Database and periodically accomplish succesfull audits, our SMETA report can be viewed through Sedex site.
Our company, which has been serving in the printing sector for years, has many product groups and the indispensable products of the printing sector, such as Business Cards, Catalogs, Invoices, Boxes, etc. We serve in all products. You can contact us for your most suitable, best quality printing works.
Alfa Printing and Packaging was established in 1998 by the partnering of the two experienced and well-educated professional; Ali Ozturk and Fatih Harbutluoglu. The company soon became one ofmost recognized and well respected in the sector in Turkey by providing new and variable packaging solutions. Presently, the company which is located in Istanbul/Turkey has 130 qualified employees and 10.000 m2 (square meter) production area to provide the best quality and service level. According to the 2019 data, its production capacity is capable to processes 900 tons raw material and 8 million sheet per month. It means half billion pcs product per year. Thanks to its high quality offset machines Roland 900 and Roland 700, Alfa provide its customers a high finish quality for their products even in big size, multi-color and high volume projects. Moreover the company use metalized UV pressing techniques which is only a few firm has in the sector. Alfa Printing and Packaging that expand the area of its activities day by day, is also assertive at exportation.Export sales represent 20% of the overall sales. Main countries of export are UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherland, Mexico, UAE, Qatar, Bahrein Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, and Turkmenistan. The aim is cleary to increase export rates with new market entries and current market extensions. “ Alfa Printing and Packaging is not only a package producer but also a good solution partner for its customers so it is deeply rooted in the developing future of Turkey.”
Our goal was to be the most preferred company offering bright ideas to our clients. To do this, we follow out the most useful way for our original innovative ideas in our dreams, determining the quality Standard to set an example in our sector. And we have been successful since our foundation in 1999. To provide best solutions to you, our mission is to have high level quality, understanding, unique -fast and on time service. We are happy to be at the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our products in which there are the visible elements of a brand , identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers’ mind. “We Produce More Than Label” With this view, we are ready to be your indissoluble partner. At REEL Ofset Company along with an experienced staff we also use the latest equipment and technology to provide our customers with the highest quality and the most cost effective products available. This allows us to provide fast turn-around times on even the largest projects. We take great pride in our quality products and dependable service. We offer a variety of delivery options to fit your requirements
Since 2009, Matsis Print has established itself as a leader in the Turkish print industry. From our fully integrated 60,000 sq ft. production facility located in the heart of Istanbul, we provide comprehensive and innovative printing solutions. We pride ourselves on creating long lasting client relationships and always ensure customer satisfaction. Our highly qualified workforce and capital investments in state of the art machinary and software allow us to produce high quality products at great value.
Having stepped into the communication applications sector with printing 30 years ago, Promat is improving and renewing itself in order to meet the companies’ changing needs in today’s technologically developed world. In this renewal process, Promat, which added services such as cardboard packaging manufacturing, 7 Renk digital printing, notebook manufacturing with Erato and Promat Printing Museum, which offers an insight into history, to its existing printing services, creates a broad operating field for itself. Promat is experiencing the pride of offering the most extensive and creative services while realizing the desired designs in communication platforms that suitable for the client’s needs.